Pub Cleaning

Commercial taverns, pubs and nightclubs represent a most challenging cleaning operation. Homes and offices tend to only be occupied by owners and staff, who are concerned with the cleanliness of their environment. Commercial entertainment areas work on the patronage of numerous individuals who are not concerned with cleaning up after themselves. As such, pubs taverns and nightclubs require constant cleaning. Combining this situation with the various type of cleaning required, the hard floors, polished restrooms, carpeted areas, kitchens with hygiene standards and other amenities, and the sheer size of many commercial premises, one can appreciate the scope of the task.

PGS Group Aust provides a professional and reliable service to many commercial entertainment areas. Our experience and administration practices allow us to provide cleaners that work outside of normal hours, allowing overnight cleaning of busy venues that are expected to open their doors early and close their operations late. We are experts in hospitality cleaning and take all our responsibilities seriously.

All our pub cleaning services are conducted under safety and health regulations, responsibly adhered to by both the cleaning staff and the company administration.

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