Industrial Relations



PGS Aust Holdings takes great pride in its harmonious dealings with our employees and the Australian Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers Union. We apply our philosophy of “Win Win” to always ensure a fair and equitable outcome to our employees, whilst maintaining a viable economic balance for our company and integrity of service to our clients.

We see our staff as the organisation’s greatest resource and the development of this resource is a priority in policy and procedure. The maintenance of cooperative relations with employees, shop stewards, union members and their representatives is pivotal to the reputation and on going growth of our company, and will be maintained through standard and guidelines for:

1)      Prevention

Standard for prevention of industrial action are enacted through the following practices:

  • Adherence to state and federal awards, demonstrating consistent compliance with base rates and conditions
  • Maintenance of comprehensive superannuation trusts
  • Vigilance in establishing functional safe work practices and the inclusion of occupational health and safety routines in standard induction training programs
  • An emphasis on employee education and multi-skilling supported by regular re-training as part of the ongoing promotion of the use of new skills and technologies.

2)      Resolution

The resolution process is to be focused on consultation and on the identification      and removal of causal factors. Steps to the resolution of potential demarcation issues include the defining of root issues.

  • Analysis of the potential ramifications on services
  • The planning and scheduling of action in pursuit of resolution

3)      Protection of Service

In the event of an ongoing dispute, our company draws from its resource of causal and supervisory staff to cater for additional work and absentees. All members of our senior management team apply ground-level experience in the handling of industrial activity, and draw on the resources provided by the company