The aim of our program is to give Company employees the expertise necessary to perform commercial cleaning duties, enabling them to provide cleaning and housekeeping services characterised by quality and time efficiency. In implementing this training schedule we are ensuring that both our clients and our company obtain value for their money by providing our cleaners with skills that are suited to diverse customer requirements. We recognise that our strength lies in our staff, therefore we have an ongoing and active commitment to their training to maintain the quality of our services, our reputation and the environment. Through the Program our staff will acquire the following:

  1. Comprehensive skills in the use and maintenance of equipment and materials
  2. Knowledge of the theory and practice of cleaning
  3. Strengthening productivity and working relations
  4. Customer expectations, safety and environmental awareness

An Employee Training Record will be maintained for each person and signed at the completion of each session upon the satisfaction of the Branch Manager/Supervisor. Additionally, an Employee Training Skills Matrix will also be updated to maintain an accurate, consistent record of the human resources available to the Company.