Quality Assurance


Approximately seven years ago, PGS Aust Holdings made the decision to expand both our client base and the services we were able to offer our customers.  In doing so, we were conscious of the need to continue to provide the same high level of personal service which our existing clients had become accustomed to receiving from us.  In this context, we decided to implement a Quality Assurance Program to ensure that dedication to detail and individual customer satisfaction were not lost in the process of expansion.

PGS Aust Holdings has a concise and comprehensive procedural plan for managing our Industrial Relations. We have enclosed our formal Policy, highlighting our Prevention, Resolution, and Protection of Services strategies.

To document relevant aspects of our Quality System, our management structure is detailed in flow chart form to give you a visual understanding of the way our Company functions on a daily basis and the manner in which our Quality Management relates to our formal organisational structure.

We have also included our Occupational Health and Safety Policy along with a general overview of our comprehensive Training procedures to support our primary objectives


Why PGS Aust Holdings?

PGS Group Aust has extensive hotel and brand knowledge to execute with efficiency

  • A structured operational company with fully established policies and procedures
  • Sets the industry standard for flexibility, honesty and integrity
  • Encourages industry best practice training and development
  • Practice open and transparent communication at all times
  • Teams of key managers have extensive knowledge and expertise in housekeeping operations management, training and administration.
  • A strong focus on achieving best quality outcomes that will assist your venue maintain and grow their business
  • We believe that in making the choice to use our genuine one stop cleaning and housekeeping solutions you will get the best and most effective possible